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    We have been adhering to the brand development strategy, the intention to create energy saving brand --- Sears "SERS".


    Sears energy-saving technology Co., Ltd. are used as the insulation system of auxiliary quality suppliers, we will good products, for future generations do safe projects.

    Shenyang Sears energy-saving technology Co., Ltd. is a set design, development, production, sales as one of the large insulating auxiliary production enterprises. Registered trademarks are: Sears SERS, was named China's famous brand. Mainly produces all kinds of energy-saving insulation products, including: insulation nail (specially for outer wall insulation anchor) alkali Mesh angle bead insulation mortar special; plastic expanding plug; plastics, nylon anchor bolt and anchor bolt OEM processing.

    production base is located in China's largest thermal insulation material of the township, Langfang City, Hebei province. 2014 base investment 10 million yuan expansion of the new plant, covering an area of 50 acres. Thermal insulation nails annual production...


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